Integrated testing agent

NFPA-4 Integrated testing coordination

NFPA-4 (Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing)

Third party integrated testing coordination

Your integrated testing agent should be an independent third party that is not part of or affiliated with the design team, installers, or commissioning agents for individual systems.

Integrated testing is used to ensure that all required systems function together as expected.

Model codes require integrated testing for high rises and complex systems to verify all systems that are independently tested by installers work together according to project requirements.

Verification process

Building owners must engage a third party integrating testing coordinator who is familiar with all systems being tested and plan, coordinate, and document all aspects of the integrated testing process.

We are specialists at facilitating this final, essential verification process to ensure the systems tested individually by the installer work together as intended for the complete fire protection solution of your property.

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